Our Programs
Impact has developed a variety of programs to benefit the player, team, and club.
/Team Training
The Player Development program of Impact Soccer provides a professional, dedicated and knowledgeable Soccer instructor to work with your players on a regular basis.
/Impact Skills Academy
Impact Soccer are pleased to offer our advanced Small Group Skills Program for soccer players in your community. We believe our program provides a unique opportunity to improve technical skills, tactical understanding, speed and quickness.
/3 v 3 Tournament Events
The Impact team are experienced in partnering with groups to offer a variety of indoor 3 v 3 events with a typical enrollment of 90-100% of capacity. Programs options include single event or multi-event league formats, individual player or team entry, and indoor & outdoor.
/Team Camps
An Impact Soccer Camp offers teams and clubs the perfect opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season.
/Game Day Reports
A statistically supported and comprehensive report on your soccer player based on performance within a game. A written assessment that details your player's strengths and areas for improvement.
/GK Academy
At Impact Soccer we realize the importance of giving the goalkeeper the dedicated and specialized training they require. Development opportunities with Impact Soccer range from individual weekly work to season-long club sessions.
/Training Partner Services & Events
Our team have a history of partnering with clubs and groups to enhance and grow recreational and house programs.