Program Overview 

A physical education program that intricately links the objectives of local state standards to the activities being completed. Our program provides success - orientated tasks for children to complete on their own, building up self confidence with each task they execute. Our curriculum is based on developing gross and fine motor skills through lesson plans developed around movement concepts.

Program Options

  • Weekly program 
  • After school program
  • Summer Camp
  • One Off Event

Weekly Themes

Children within our programs complete simple locomotor and non-locomotor skills such as walking, crawling, running, and balancing, to more advanced locomotor skills such as tumbling, jumping, hopping, galloping, skipping, crabwalks, and bear walks.

They then move into manipulative skills such as, catching, throwing, kicking, and striking.

Program Benefits

  • Provide an opportunity to develop skills, interact with others, build self esteem and have fun 
  • Present positive role models to your pupils
  • Broaden the program range your school provides
  • Schedule year round with indoor and outdoor options, and delivery within a classroom space
  • FitKid instructors quickly capture the imagination and bring a mix of stories, games and activities to an indoor or outdoor environment.  

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To schedule a free taster session 

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