2015 Summer Camp List

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Our team are delighted to release our township list with exciting programs available for children between the ages of 18 months to 12 years.

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Programs for Schools

Year round program options.

Impact Sports has numerous programs for the children at your school to enjoy with exciting Kidnetics, Sports and Fundraising programs.

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Kidnetics Physical Education

Exciting, innovative Physical Education.

Kidnetics allows the children of your school with the opportunity to build fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and self confidence through exciting developmentally appropriate games.

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Impact Sports in 2015

Our continued aim for 2015 shall be to provide a consistently high level of service to our school, township and youth organization partners. Through our dedicated team we shall be looking to make 2015 the best ever, with thousands of children taking part in our Kidnetics, Sports and Fundraising programs. The following goals for Impact Sports will be our focus:

  • High Quality Instruction: Our team will always strive to provide classes that involve a fun, safe and educational learning environment.
  • Program Curriculum: Impact will continue to research and design new game and activity concepts to stay at the front of the pack with what we offer.
  • Customer Service: Our friendly team will do our best to work as efficiently as possible for our sporting partners .
  • Instructors: Impact will provide an exciting learning environment for our instructors who will be challenged, supported and pushed to their limits!