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Impact Soccer – 13 years and counting!

July 18, 20210

To celebrate our new website we wanted to reflect on our 13 years in business. During this time we have benefitted from the hard work of over 100 instructors who have provided 1000s of youth and adult participants with sports and fitness instruction. Here are some of the achievements we were most proud of:

  • Through our efforts, we provided new and experienced coaches with the opportunity to complete the work that they love.
  • We have provided soccer players, teams, and clubs with high-quality instruction across AZ, DE, NJ, NY, and PA.
  • We provided children in schools and townships with year-round multi sports and healthy fitness activities.
  • In PA, one of our outstanding young leaders, Macy, built programming to facilitate fitness activity with developmentally disabled adults.

During this time many of our participants have achieved impressive accomplishments of which we are proud to have supported. More importantly for our team, we believe we have been enthusiastic advocates for simply getting out there and playing, be it a  sport or healthy activity.

We look forward to the next 13 years and hope to have our lives enriched by being part of such endeavors.

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